• The 2016 Radiothon Is Coming

    The 2016 Radiothon Is Coming

    You can subscribe by going here: SUBSCRIBE  Read More »
  • Old Settler’s and more……

    Old Settler’s and more……

    Saturday (April 16) at the Old Settler’s Festival is marginally more crowded than the Friday but still really manageable. I had an interview with Gary Louris of The Jayhawks and despite …Read More »
  • A Week in Austin, Texas

    A Week in Austin, Texas

    Arrived in Austin on Tuesday and the past five days seem to have flown by. I attribute that to the fact that I spent at least 10 hours producing my …Read More »
  • Remember The Alamo!

    Remember The Alamo!

    How could I possibly forget The Alamo? We are staying right opposite it! It was a 7 hour relaxed drive from Marfa yesterday but I was amazed the other day …Read More »
  • Marfa!


    Sunday April 10, 2016 We have spent two nights in Marfa and sadly leave this morning. It is an amazing little town in West, Texas. The first clue to this …Read More »


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