Off The Record is a team sport with a number of key players.

Michael Goldberg – Founder of Addicted To Noise, author of True Love Scars and the editor of the blog Days Of The Crazy Wild ( Michael is an internet visionary and his original ATN site was the leading US online music site for years. He talks eloquently about many subjects but especially about Bob Dylan.

Billy Pinnell – Presenter of Blast From The Past (3AW), Contributor to Rhythms magazine and Stack, he was the presenter of the legendary The Album Show (Triple M, 1980 – 1990) and has interviewed just about everyone (and their dog).

Stuart Coupe – veteran music author and journalist, broadcaster, publicist, record company owner and enthusiast.

Shane O’Mara – Live Music Director. Each month and more often over summer Shane brings in a shifting cast of amazing local musical guests to thrill us. Shane is an exceptional producer (and always available to work for you at his Yikesville Studio) and he is also producer of our tribute to the Rolling Stones, Stoned!

Anne McCue –  Singer/songwriter/guitarist. Our Nashville correspondent.

Al Laskey – From WWOZ in New Orleans.

Ken McLeish (Gig Guide) – Ken comes from noble Scottish family directly related to the poet Robert Burns. This explains the musical delivery and impeccable timing of his gig guide delivery. Ken is assisted in compiling the gig guide by our resident medical guru Lise Mifsud (very handy when we have a meltdown) who is able to deal with all sorts of weird callers with aplomb.

Geoff Proctor – So much more than just a panel operator, also a brilliant sound engineer who brings a deft touch to our live recordings. We like to call him our Phil Spector for his ability to fins the reverb button just in the nick of time.

Hardie Malhotra – Panel Operator Extraordinaire, Wrestling MC and apprentice gig Guide presenter. Hardie is now undertaking a professional course to help him forget all the bad habits he has learned on Off The Record so far.

Robert Wise – Website and Social Media Co-Ordinator. Robert used to spend most of Saturday  morning texting Brian to remind him to mention the Off The Record Facebook page. Now he is moving to China where he plans to take Off The Record to the masses.

Vale Iain Shedden – Music Editor of The Australian. Off The Record correspondent 2014 – 2016.